Graphchain 2.0

Semantic data stored in Blockchain must conform its fundamental principles of data integrity, confirmability, non-repudiation and high-availability. The data stored in graph databases needs to by fully decentralized and available across the entire Blockchain network. Graphchain 2.0 was created for the Ontochain NGI Open Call 1 under the title: “GraphChain – a framework for on-chain data management for Ontochain”. The OC1 was built around the following topics:
  1. Applications
  2. Semantic interoperability
  3. On-chain data management
  4. Off-chain knowledge management
  5. Ecosystem economy
  6. Ecosystem scalability and integration
We have decided to create proposal for the topic 3: On-chain data management. The main goal was the synergy between ontologies and the Blockchain mechanisms. We have adressed the main technological challenge: storing of on-chain data in native semantic formats. In Graphchain 2.0 instead of encapsulating the semantic data into Blockchain blocks, we have proposed to design and implement the Blockchain mechanisms on top of semantic data.

As a result of the work, a Proof-of Concept was created, which was characterized by the following features:

The project was planned for 6 months.
The code of the project was stored in the Git repository in company internal resources.

“Participation in the Ontochain project has greatly enhanced our flagship project, Graphchain, on both technology and application levels. We have rebuilt our entire project around third-generation Ethereum blockchains, heavily using Layer 2 concepts. On the application level, we have discovered new uses in copyright protection, e-commerce, and digital identity. Ontochain project offered an absolutely unique opportunity for making our ideas real.” dr Mirek Sopek, MakoLab CTO   Graphchain will soon become a real Graphchain 2.0 project. In September 2021 we have applied for the Ontochain Open Call 2 which was build around the following topics:
  1. Decentralized Oracles for ONTOCHAIN
  2. Market Mechanisms for ONTOCHAIN
  3. ONTOCHAIN Interoperability & API Gateways
  4. ONTOCHAIN Network Design and Scalability
  5. Semantic Based Marketplaces for ONTOCHAIN
  6. Data Provenance in ONTOCHAIN
  7. Other/Open Topic

In our next proposal for the  Ontochain Open Call 2 we have applied in consortium with our partner LBPro with a project for topic 4 . ONTOCHAIN Network Design and Scalability.

In this project we will expand our research from Resource Description Framework (RDF) triple stores towards  labeled property graphs by Neo4j. (For more information about use cases pleas visit: Neo4j).
The project title: “Ontospace — A stable, scalable, efficient and cost-effective network for ONTOCHAIN” will be build on the foundations created in the project: “GraphChain – a framework for on-chain data management for ONTOCHAIN” realized for ONTOCHAIN in Open Call 1.
More information will be soon available.

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