Monitoring of vaccines and drugs in the supply chain gains momentum in Blockchain. According to Schofield and Thasarathakumar:

Blockchain could offer reliable end-to-end tracking and monitoring of vaccines and drugs through the supply chain.”1

In the pandemic era of Covid-19 extremely important is registration of vaccines in Blockchain.

Potential appliances:

1. Ability to monitor and verify correct vaccine storage parameters.

2. Manufacturers will be able to track that shipments are delivered on time to destinations.

3. Distributors would provide a more efficient delivery tracking platform, including requirements verification regarding storage, and would be the first to learn and report errors.

4. Hospitals and clinics could better manage their inventory by easing supply and demand constraints. In addition, they would be guaranteed the authenticity of the vaccine and the appropriate conditions

5. Patients would have the same security guarantee as to the particular vaccine they will receive.

6. Digital passport for vaccinated persons enabling authentication on the basis of the ZKP (Zero Knowledge Proof) without the need to transfer sensitive data to other entities.

 The following scheme presents Covid vaccine supply chain 2

Like in all other supply chain processes there are no limits to collect any data in Blockchain from many sources.

 What data could be saved in Blockchain? 3

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